About 💡

DecodeTech is a general-audience medium launched in April 2022 to explore and discuss how technologies are changing societies and impacting our lives.


Start with why 🔥

One major observation is at the origin of this website: there exists very few European-centered, easily accessible, and independent platforms exploring digitilisation from a multidisciplinary perspective.


Our mission ✨

Providing thoughts and analyses on technological developments in a format that is engaging, accessible, but at the same time informative for readers with all levels of expertise.


Our ambition 🎯

Opening the door for more people to participate in debates surrounding the deployment of technologies in society.


Topics covered 🗂️

From privacy concerns, to smart cities and cryptocurrencies, we aim to cover technological topics that inspire us and spark societal debate.


The team 👥

Antoine-Alexandre André
Nathan Genicot
Antoine Verhulst

Other contributors 🏅

Milène Hauri
Ronja Rönnback
Nathan van der Heyden
Norman Vander Putten
Benoît Verhuslt

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Acknowledgments 👏

This website has been created using Hugo and Chunky Poster.