April 21, 2022

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What is this all about

What is this all about

A bunch of friends in their late 20s launching a medium on how technologies are changing societies and impacting people’s lives.

The basics

From the way we buy and work to the way we date, digital technologies are transforming our lives. Yet, it remains difficult (and even somewhat fustrating) to understand the vast implications of agreeing to give up our personal data or deciding to use a foreign online service. Many of the consequences of digital actions and transformations in the private and public sphere remain rather unclear. It can be hard for non-technical experts to access information and enter discussions surrounding the deployment of technologies in society.

Based on this observation and on our desire to share our (modest) knowledge and experience, we have decided to launch DecodeTech: a general-audience platform for sharing thoughts, insights and analyses about digital technologies and their impacts on people’s lives.

Our ambition is to contribute to the demystification of digital terminologies, to discuss potentials and drawnbacks of peculiar technologies, and to explore digitilisation from a multidisciplinary perspective. We can’t promise all the answers, but we will make our best to make the European debate more open and to help readers decode and reconnect!


Who are you?

We are a bunch of nerds in their late 20s passionate about the digital world.

Are you digital experts?

No. We are all working on/in/with tech, but we would never call ourselves “experts”.

What topics will you cover?

From privacy concerns, to smart cities and cryptocurrencies, we aim to cover technological topics that inspire us and spark societal debate.

How many articles do you plan to share per month?

In this first iteration of the medium, we plan to publish one article per month.

Can I contribute?

Yes. If you want to disseminate your work, share something you are excited about, explore a common problem, or express an opinion on the use of technologies in today’s world, check out our contribution page! We’ll be pleased to discuss your ideas over a ☕️ or 🍺.

Last words

We are starting DecodeTech as a team of 3 people (all of us working full-time alongside this project). We are humans, we will probably make mistakes, but we see them as part of the learning process. We believe that striving for perfection doesn’t mean being perfect from the start, but rather being able and willing to improve.

If you're excited about the project, feel free to talk about it, share our posts, and help us build a more inclusive conversation about the digitalisation of society.




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Thoriq Firdaus